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At Deb’s Doggie Daycare, your small dog will enjoy free run of our home and yard, while you enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your pup is in safe hands with full-time supervision. We provide plenty of praise, treats, and affection… with naps to avoid the crankies!

Benefits of Doggie Daycare

  • Our canine companions thrive on social contact, and daycare is a fun, healthy way to provide the socialization they crave.
  • New and positive experiences that occur in daycare
          increase a dog’s comfort level in new environments and                           situations.
  • Daycare provides stimulation and variety, which builds confidence in your pooch to develop healthy relationships with dogs and people.
  • Companionship reduces separation anxiety and destructive behavior.
  • Dogs learn proper canine etiquette around other dogs.
  • You don’t have to worry about destroyed furniture or accidents on the carpet when you get home!
The Dogs will play... while you're away!
If your pup spends the night, you'll receive a Report Card describing the good, the bad and the funny antics of your pup’s visit.
Pet Taxi

Every pooch needs a lift once in a while! We'll fetch your little ones from your home or bring them back home after their stay with us.

Chauffeur Service… $3/mile
Deb’s Doggie Daycare specializes in caring for small dogs (25 lbs and under). In consideration of the little ones, we do not provide services for medium to large dogs.

Let us know if your critter has any special needs so we can be sure to care for them.

Monday - Friday:           6-10 am,    4-7 pm
Saturday - Sunday:8-11 am,    4-7 pm

Daycare Rates

After Hours Pick-Up & Drop-Off ...... $15/hr

($15 off each add’l Daycare dog)
($20 off each add’l Overnight dog)


Save time and money with pre-paid packages. 
They never expire and may be used at any time. 
Discounts are applied to each dog.
ABC’s of Deb’s Doggie Daycare
(Daycare & Boarding Requirements)

 1.   Proof of current vaccinations:
          a.   DHPP (including all boosters)
          b.   Lepto (recommended, but not required)
          c.   Bordetella
          d.   Rabies
 2.   Clear stool exam in the last year
 3.   Monthly flea prevention
 4.   Monthly heartworm prevention
 5.   Spayed or neutered
 6.   Under 25 lbs (small breeds only)
 7.   Not contagious (no vomiting, diarrhea, 
       coughing, etc.)
 8.   100% Potty-trained
 9.   1 year or older
10.  Comfortable and not aggressive with dogs
11.   Meet & Greet completed at our home

You can find DebsDoggieDaycare on:
Deb's Doggie Daycare     ||     1260 Craig Drive  Concord, CA 94518     ||     (925)216-4730
5 days ........... $3 off
10 days ........  $4 off
20 days ........ $5 off
Deb's Doggie Daycare is a licensed, bonded and insured member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, and a member of Pet Sit Finder.
Daycare........................ $45
Overnight Stay ......... $55