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Customer Testimonials
I feel so lucky to have found Deb!  She has created a warm and playful environment for my sweet puppy Rosey.  I never thought I would send my dog to daycare.  After falling madly in love with my nine month old puppy I did not have the heart to leave her at home while I was at work.  Deb's prices are very reasonable and her house is always emaculate which is a mystery to me with her little dog pack in toe.  I look forward to getting a detailed report card of Rosey's adventures at Deb's which she creates daily, "You will not believe it until you see her report cards".   I can tell a difference in Rosey's behavior after bringing her to daycare.  She has become more socialized to other dogs and is learning to play with other dogs. When I pick her up she is always exhausted from all the playtime with Deb.  It is so nice to have an excercised dog to come home to rather than a hyper lonely dog that is needy of my attention.  Considering Rosey as a testiment to Deb I can tell she loves her becasue when we pull up to her house she starts to jump up on my lamp trying to get out of the car to see her friend Deb!

~ Suzanne T.

We sent our 1 year old Jack Russell to Deb's Doggie Day Care for 5 nights while on vacation.  Deb made the separation as painless as possible.  She introduces new dogs 1 at a time in a place that each dog feels comfortable.  She spends quite a bit of time meeting you and your dog so everyone is comfortable.  While away we got a daily update and picture to let us know how he was doing.  And when our little guy got picked up he got his very own report card!

~ Kim J.

I highly recommend Deb's Doggie Daycare.  Deb and Ron have 2 dogs of their own and know how to handle various dog breeds.  The daycare is bright and clean.  The dogs can be indoors and outside in the huge back yard.  Deb also does some behavioral training, plays with the dogs and makes sure they are safe and comfortable.  Our dog, Sasha, loves to go and spend all day playing and having fun with her other dog friends.  I'm currently abroad and Deb e-mails me Sasha's daily report card, with some additional information.  It's so great to have this, and know that my dog is well while I'm away.  As an added bonus, Deb's rates are reasonable, and her combination of daycare and boarding is great, because now my dog has a place she already knows, should I ever have to board her.

I highly recommend Deb's Doggie Daycare.

~ Gertrud J.

Deb is great!  Our dog Sasha pulls on her leash to get to Deb's front door.  Deb has a big back yard where Sasha can really run her heart out.  Every time you leave your dog at Deb's you get a "report card" on how your dog did, complete with picture.  She takes the dogs on a walk, goes to the dog park if it is open and the weather cooperates, she plays with them, and even teaches them tricks.  Our dog doesn't like to be left at home alone (we got her a few weeks ago from the Animal Shelter) so we can leave Sasha when we can't take her with us for a few hours, or all day when necessary, and know she will be safe and happy.  You can really tell that Deb knows and loves dogs.  We won't leave Sasha anywhere else!

~ Chuck Jeffries
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